Resistance of the Earth

Resistence of the Earth_2

Multimedia project
Music for octet and mixed choir, original video by Gita Blak, 2012

Resistance of the Earth is a multimedia project that combines several artistic genres; from video, performance, 16 mm film to a live music. The theme of the project covers the world of natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes and tornados. Disasters became increasingly common forms of resistance, with which nature fights back the in balances of our planet Earth broth about by the human civilization. The project through the language of images, instruments, voice and solo performances comments worldwide natural catastrophes that occur on our planet. Original music by Slovenian author Igor Lumpert who is bridging different musical worlds and same developing innovative forms as a podium for improvisations is also inspired by poems from Allen Ginsburg to Czech author Sylva Fischerov√°. Additionally the project includes video testimonies by people who experienced first hand and survived recent natural disasters.


Igor Lumpert- compositions, tenor/soprano sax/accordion

Aaron Parks- piano
Tommy Crane- drums
Chris Tordini- bass
Miles Griffith- vocals
Lana Cen?i?- vocals
Jani Moder- guitar
Niko Sajko- cello
Allison Schlegel- voice


RESISTANCE OF THE EARTH excerpt from Gita Blak on Vimeo.


Still dreaming (SONG 1) from “The RESISTANCE OF THE EARTH” Project from Gita Blak on Vimeo.